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19th July 2024

Discover how a new pub/bar navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 era, striving to build its brand and survive against all odds. Explore the challenges they faced, the impact of the pandemic on the food and beverage industry, and why reservation systems like OpenTable were not a viable option. Learn how these insights led to the creation of Make a Rezzy. Dive into this story and see how innovation can emerge from adversity.

4th July 2024

Discover the evolution of restaurant reservations from phone calls to online bookings. This blog dives into the challenges small restaurants face in creating an online presence and mastering digital marketing. It compares building custom reservation systems with using third-party platforms, revealing the pros and cons of each approach. Meet Make a Rezzy, a game-changer for small businesses: no subscription fees, just £1 per cover booked. Learn why this affordable, risk-free solution outshines competitors like OpenTable and TheFork, helping restaurants focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences without breaking the bank.